Biomedical Masters Program


  • The BMP requires a minimum of 32 credits to meet the graduation criteria.

  • Students must complete the core course requirements.

  • Elective credits must be approved by the student's assigned faculty advisor.

  • Elective credits can be completed through a combination of Experiential Learning, BMP Electives, Interdisciplinary Electives, or Dental Track and Electives options

  • Enrollment in Interdisciplinary Electives is limited, and up to the discretion of the faculty member teaching the course.

  • Students are required to take at least 9 credits in the Fall and Spring terms and 3 credits in the Summer term to be considered full-time.


Core Courses

Biochemistry and Physiology - MSBMS 2010 (3 credits; Fall) 

Comprehensive Analysis of Disease - MSBMS 2020 & 2021 (1 credit Fall & 2 credits Spring) 

Foundations of Successful Biomedical Career Planning and Development - MSBMS 2060 (1 credit; Fall)

Method and Logic in Biomedicine - MSBMS 2040 (3 credits; Fall)

Cell Signaling and Pharmacology - MSBMS 2090 (3 credits; Spring)

Professionalism and Non-Cognitive Development - MSBMS 2065 (2 credit; Spring)

BMP Professional Communications Reflection - MSBMS 2101 (2 credits; Spring)


Elective Courses

Histology and Cell Function in Health and Disease - MSBMS 2030 (3 credits; Spring) 

Human Anatomy - MSBMS 2050 (3 credits; Fall)

Organ Systems Physiology (3 credits; Fall)

Cell Biology Pathways in Treatment of Disease - MSBMS 2080 (2 credits; Spring)

Clinical Pharmacology - MSBMS 2200 (2 Credits; Summer)

Experiential Learning - MSBMS 2074 (1-9 credits; Fall, Spring, and Summer)




Interdisciplinary Elective Courses

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BMP Plan of Study by Semester

BMP Plan of Study