Biomedical Masters Program

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for BMP students are available in the following laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh. Students are encouraged to discuss research plans with their advisors and contact the heads of the laboratories to discuss research projects, time commitment, and mutual expectations.

Prior to starting research in a laboratory, you are required to review and complete the University of Pittsburgh Researcher Trainings and consult with the Primary Investigator.


Research Opportunities


Deparment Research Interest

Meir Aridor

Cell Biology

Molecular basis of ER sorting and exit

Gavin Arteel Gastroenterology The matrisome in liver disease

Jonathan Beckel

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Neuronal control of the urinary bladder

Juliane Beier Gastroenterology Environmental chemical/diet interaction in liver disease

Michael Butterworth

Cell Biology

Regulation of ENaC trafficking

Daniel Devor

Cell Biology

Regulation of K+ channel trafficking

Marijn Ford

Cell Biology

Regulation of dynamic changes in membrane organization

Bruce Freeman

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Pharmacology of anti-inflammatory electrophilic lipids

Peter Friedman

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

PDZ proteins in regulation of parathyroid hormone receptor

Ferruccio Galbiati

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Role of cellular senescence in cancer

Stacy Gelhaus Wendell

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Anti-inflammatory therapy for asthma and bioactive lipids

Gerry Hammond

Cell Biology

Inositol lipid regulation of membrane homeostasis in health and disease

Gregg Homanics


Genetics and epigenetics of alcoholism

Yang Hong

Cell Biology

Development of cell polarity

Jing Hu


Post-translational modifications of proteins in cancer

Yi Huang

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Epigenetic changes in breast cancer

Tija Jacob

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

GABA receptor trafficking and signaling

Yu Jiang

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Signaling mechanism of mTOR

Valerian Kagan

Environmental and Occupational Health

Pathological roles of free radicals and ROS

Adam Kwiatkowski

Cell Biology

Molecular mechanisms of cardiomyocyte adhesion

Sandra Murray

Cell Biology

Gap junction signaling and cellular communication

Steffi Oesterreich

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Endocrine responses in breast cancer

Patrick Pagano

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Role of NADPH oxidases in the vasculature

Michael Palladino

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Progressive neurological and neuromuscular disorders

Dipa Pradhan Hematology/Oncology; Pittsburgh Liver Research Center Molecular mechanism of Sickle cell hepatic crisis
Ava Puccio Neurological Surgery Traumatic brain injury

Guillermo Romero

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

G protein-coupled receptor signaling

Jami Saloman Medicine Neural and neuroimmune regulation of pain and cancer

Shivendra Singh

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Cancer chemoprevention

Alexander (Sasha) Sorkin

Cell Biology

Regulation of receptors and transporters by endocytosis

Laura Stabile Pharmacology and Chemical Biology Cancer pharmacology, pharmacology of cell and organ systems, signal transduction

Donna Stolz

Cell Biology

Regulation of vascularization in the liver

Dandan Sun


Role of ion transporters in neurodegeneration

Ben Van Houten

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

DNA repair and mitochondria in cancer

Jean Pierre Vilardaga

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

GPCR signaling in endosomes and mitochondria

Qiming Jane Wang

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

PKD function in cancer

Simon Watkins

Cell Biology

Optical imaging in the immune system

Rebecca Watters Musculoskeletal Oncology Laboratory Metastatic breast cancer, Osteosarcoma

Wen Xie

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hormone receptors, drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters

Lin Zhang

Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

Anticancer therapies; Oncogenic stem cells; Cell death regulators